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Shred permet d'effacer définitivement le contenu d'un fichier et de le supprimer.



   -f, --force          Change permissions to allow writing if necessary
   -n, --iterations=N   Overwrite N times instead of the default (25)
   -s, --size=N         Shred this many bytes (suffixes like K, M, G accepted)
   -u, --remove         Truncate and remove file after overwriting
   -v, --verbose        Show progress
   -x, --exact          Do not round file sizes up to the next full block; this is the default for non-regular files
   -z, --zero           Add a final overwrite with zeros to hide shredding
   --help               Display this help and exit
   --version            Output version information and exit

Effacement d'un fichier

  shred -v -n 35 -z -u nomDuFichier

Effacement d'une partition, d'un disque

  shred -v -n 35 -z /dev/sda(n)
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