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BluePrint est l'outil de fingerprinting Bluetooth, qui fonctionne comme nmap (le TCP/IP). BluePrint peut être utilisé pour générer des statistiques sur le modèle ou le constructeur



just run "" in will print out the usage information reads the output from "sdptool browse" and generates the finger print
for it

adding fingerprints:

Add file containing the output of sdptool browse BD_ADDR and information about
the scanned device to the devices directory. The first line of the file
must contain the BD_ADDR (MAC) of the device. The device information must
be enclosed in "---info" and "/---info" tags. The sdp data must be
enclosed in "---sdp" and "/---sdp". Check the existing files to see
how it is done.
After adding new files just run:

adding more information:

port scan the device (bt_audit is available at <BD_ADDR>


psm_scan -o -s 1 -e 65535 <BD_ADDR>
rfcomm_scan -o <BD_ADDR>
get hardware info
hcitool info <BD_ADDR>
get device info from mobile phones using obexftp
obexftp -b <BD_ADDR> -B <CHANNEL> -g telecom/devinfo.txt
get capabilities from obex server (btobex is available at
btobex getcap <BD_ADDR> <CHANNEL>

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